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If You Sit At A Desk, You Need Webble


The Way You Sit Is Wrong

We have spent our entire childhoods being told to sit still, which turns out to be exactly the opposite of the way our bodies are designed.

Sitting still places considerable stress on our backs, severely restricts our blood flow, and can even change our metabolism. Doctors say we should change our posture every 20 minutes.

That’s why Webble enables your lower body to move in four distinct ways while sitting: forward and backward, side to side, in circles, and up and down. Read more about Webble.

The Footrest That Moves

Watch the Webble Demo on Youtube

Webble combines a very old idea — bodies at rest tend to stay at rest, and bodies in motion tend to stay in motion — with the latest in modern ergonomics. Of course, no one moves unless it’s fun. And Webble is way fun. Watch Webble in motion.


What People Say About Webble


“To stay comfortable and healthy in your new office, you may want to try this active footrest. Rather than staying in place, it has four wheels and spring suspension to keep your legs moving, blood flowing, and reduce pressure on your back.”


“It even has a spring suspension and self-braking mechanism so that your co-workers don’t walk off with it (because I know they would!).”


“For those with the infamous ‘ants in their pants,’ we bring you the BriteObjects Webble. It’s essentially a balance board that doesn’t require balance, instead serving more as entertainment for your feet while couped up at a desk all day.”


The latest in ergonomic design, you’ll be stretching and spinning your feet, all the while making out like you’ve got Marty McFly’s hoverboard strapped to your toes.”


“It looks like a very sleek, stylish skateboard without wheels or a little surfboard. It’s Webble, a rather ingenious alternative to those silly under-the-desk stationary bikes, and similar in concept to those wobble boards that help you develop balance.”


“You don’t realize how stationary your legs remain at your desk until you start using the Webble. On a typical work day before using the Webble, I would cross my legs at my desk, not really moving them around except to get up for a break…I noticed a dramatic difference: My legs felt rested — not achy— at the end of the day.”


“In order to promote the physiological benefits of movement and motion of lower leg activity, in addition to remedying the all-around-lameness of lazy legs at the workplace, BriteObjects has developed the Webble, an ergonomic ottoman that lets your lower half surf the floor while you surf the web, pretending to work.”

How To Buy Webble

Webble is as easy to buy as it is to use. In addition to our online store, our sales team would be delighted to work with you directly or via the channel of your choice below. Need something special? Let us know!


You can buy Webble on Amazon.com and at a number of fabulous specialty retailers like Ergoprise and Yanko Design.


Our national distribution partners in the office products and ergonomic sectors make it easy to order through your existing vendors. Just let us know, and we’ll make it happen!


GSA Advantage customers can purchase through contracts GS-35F-0408W and GS-35F-0143R


We ship worldwide for orders placed through our online store. Canadian customers may order via our partners at ErgoCanada
Branko Lukic, Steve Vassallo and Steve Takayama, co-founders of BriteObjects
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