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You’ve Never Seen A Footrest Like This!

Riding on four smooth gliding casters, the Webble provides workers with sweeping 360 degree range of motion. The Webble has won a prestigious IDEA 2009 Finalist Award from the International Design Society of America and BusinessWeek magazine, a 2009 Red Dot Award, and a 2008 Best Of Year Product Award from Interior Design magazine. Its iconic shape with a spring suspension and patented mesh membrane offers the ultimate in comfort, flexibility, and wellness.

  • Designed for light ergonomic activity that improves flexibility, blood circulation and posture while reducing muscle fatigue and pressure on your joints.
  • Appropriate for any interior — home office to corporate office park, from solo desk to cubicles to wide open workspaces.
  • Supports your back and entire lower body, not just your feet.
  • Massage your arch along the contoured any-angle edge.
  • Let your feet float on the breathable Du Pont Hytrel mesh above the Webble’s inner ring.
Branko Lukic, Steve Vassallo and Steve Takayama, co-founders of BriteObjects
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